Tailor Your Attire

I’ve always loved to style. I also don’t recall the last time I wore something just the way it came from the store, without embellishing it a little. You might be like me and like to express your feelings through your wardrobe. Like Carrie from Sex and the City. Or you just might get bored of your nice but rather simple clothes. There are plenty of easy and inexpensive ways to make them pop.

For example, bring a little bit more oomph to your yoga pants by adding some zippers to the side or in the back of your legs or add them the area where the pockets normally are. You could add sparkles in shapes of your preference or decorate it according to the season. If you’re feeling more daring and creative you could even make some cutouts at the knees, thighs, or on the calves. You may also opt to add some lace or mesh underneath for a more subtle yet classy look.

Shirts can be easily personalized by drawing on them with textile pens which are usually inexpensive. You may also consider cutting off the sleeves, making holes to create a pattern, and many other ways. Some would also jazz it up by gluing on different ornaments. These are usually made from excess fabrics, or what we commonly know as patches. The sky is the limit to your creation. Make sure the shirt stays functional though. My current favorite styling technique is cutting out shoulders and embellishing them with feathers, rhinestones or excess fabrics.

Some shirts look great asymmetrical, so fixing only one side works well. While others are better symmetrical, in which case fewer decorations should be added, unless you’re going for a more dramatic look. Open shoulders also optically broaden your statue, squaring them with hips and nicely shaping your body line. Even shoes can be upcycled easily by switching out laces or adding some bling to them.

What I believe also works beneficially in order to keep my wardrobe decluttered is that I try to go through all my clothes once per season and throw out what I know I’m not going to wear anymore. There are plenty of charities that take used clothes, or you can even decide to sell them. But I also know that there are always a couple of pieces that despite the fact that I’m not going to wear them anymore, I cannot part ways. So, DIY-ing is the perfect way to use them until they literally fall apart.

On the opposite end, there might be pieces which are too worn out to look presentable in but are also very difficult to let go. I then also like to take measurements of those favorite items (it just so happen that those are usually shirts) and re-make models of them on paper, so I can later cut out new (or used) fabrics and make new clothes. When doing so just don’t forget to account some extra for where the seams go. That way the shirt (or another item of clothing) lives on, and I look a little more becoming in it.

Styling is an art in itself and personalizing your clothing items means that you’re going even a step further. Make sure what you wear exposes your attributes and hides your possible flaws. Also, feel comfortable. But first and foremost, feel comfortable in your own skin. Then creating will come naturally and you’ll exude more confidence no matter what clothes you have on. Let your creativity run wild and enjoy your masterpieces. It is nice to be complimented once in a while.

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